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Severely Disabled Employee Representative HHU

The Severely Disabled Employee Representative (SBV) of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf is the elected representation of the interests of severely disabled and equal employees.

The SBV represents the interests of severely disabled employees, employees who are on an equal footing with severely disabled employees and employees who have submitted an application for recognition of a disability or who intend to apply. This applies to those employed in technology and administration as well as to the scientific staff, including professors.

The representative of severely disabled employees has the task

  • to ensure the professional integration of the severely disabled in the departments,
  • to represent their interests and
  • to provide them with help and advice.



The employer is obliged to inform the representatives of the severely disabled in good time and comprehensively in all matters that affect a disabled person or the disabled as a group and to hear them before a decision is made.

This ensures that the representatives of the severely disabled can contribute to the employer's opinion-forming process what they believe is necessary in the interests of the severely disabled, taking account of the employer's concerns.

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