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Special Parking Lots

Location Plan

Allocation of Special Parking Permits

Only severely disabled people with the mark "exceptionally disabled (aG)" or "blind (Bl)" receive the blue parking permit, which entitles them to park on disabled parking lots. A separate parking permit to use the disabled parking lots is not required for these persons. The official parking permit is sufficient.

All severely disabled employees who have the "G" mark in their severely disabled ID card can obtain a special parking permit from the SBV on presentation of their vehicle license and an official ID card.

Pregnant employees and pregnant students of Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf can use special parking lots on campus from the 6th month of pregnancy upon request. A temporary parking permit will be issued for this after proof of pregnancy. Upon an informal written application and upon presentation of the vehicle license and maternity card, the representatives of the severely disabled will issue pregnant women from the 6th month onwards a temporary special parking permit. Its validity ends with the planned due date.

Employees who are temporarily restricted in their movement can apply for a temporary special parking permit on presentation of a medical certificate, which must show the expected time until recovery, as well as the vehicle license.

Special parking permits for severely disabled people, pregnant women and temporarily disabled people are issued exclusively by the severely handicapped representatives of the Heinrich Heine University Düsseldorf. Permits must be picked up personally in building 24.21. Level 00, room 82.


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