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Our Tasks

The SBV team is happy to help with:

  • Relocation,
  • Absenteeism,
  • Recruiting severely disabled people,
  • Changes to work processes,
  • Change of work requirements,
  • Exacerbation or changing of the disability,
  • Workplace design,
  • Suitability requirements,
  • Termination of employment,
  • Disadvantage to women with disabilities.


The SBV team is happy to comply with the following tasks:

  • We support integration, inclusion and include severely disabled people in the areas of Heinrich Heine University and the University Hospital,
  • We take care of your interests within the university and are also available to advise the authority,
  • We apply for measures to the responsible authorities, provide assistance with problems and with the planning and execution of workplaces suitable for the disabled, as well as with construction work and to enforce accessibility,
  • We support you with the application to the responsible welfare offices of the communes, districts and cities with regard to the determination of the GdB or in the event of a exacerbation of the determined GdB, also in the case of objection proceedings after the application,
  • We support and advise all employees who are at risk of disability or who have a GdB under 50, also in the case of equality vis-à-vis the Employment Agency and the pension providers,
  • We will also help you as far as we can if you have worries and needs.
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